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protect your staff and business reputation with contactless temperature checks

Protect your staff members and business reputation by ensuring everyone who enters your building passes a body temperature check and Covid-19 health check assessment.

  • High-accuracy IR body temperature measurement

  • Non-contact body temperature measurement

  • Customized voice prompts

  • Real-time face mask detection

  • Highly accurate face recognition using deep learning algorithm that can be linked to

       Door Access Control (learn more about Door Access Control by speaking to your

       Account Manager)

  • Stand-alone device, ready for networking

  • Digital record keeping for easier contact tracing

  • Wall mounted (power source required)

With an easy to follow step-by-step process, daily health checks are easier than ever with this

contactless method of securing accurate body temperatures. In addition, data is stored digitally

for efficient record keeping and contact tracing purposes.


see how it works:

additional items available:

  • Stand Bracket

  • Sanitizer Holder

  • Custom employee set-up

For more information contact us: | 226-973-9208

Review the WHO recommendations for COVID-19 Health & Safety in the workplace.

tired of managing all the paper that comes along with daily covid-19 health checks?

Take your daily COVID screenings digital!

How it works:

  1. A customized QR code is placed above your contactless temperature check machine

  2. As people enter the building they are required to scan the QR Code

  3. After the code is scanned (by taking a photo with a smart phone) a website link will appear

  4. By clicking on the website link, the customized Covid-19 health assessment form will appear

  5. Once they have submitted the approved health assessment they may enter the building

  6. If they fail or omit a question, they are not permitted to enter the building

  7. A copy of their assessment is sent to a customized email address at your place of business for easy electronic contact tracing

protect your staff and business reputation with digital covid-19 health checks.

For more information contact us: | 226-973-9208

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