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Business IT Management

Get proactive, get Consys.

Consys Group Business Shield

business continuity

Business continuity matters because down-time costs you money.
When you partner with Consys Group as your IT provider we provide layered security, reliable backups and 24/7 monitoring alongside friendly support to ensure you have the best possible IT experience.
Our Managed IT Services are comprehensive and second-to-none within our home-base of London, Ontario and across our Southwestern Ontario service area.

how we deliver IT solutions 

As your trusted IT service provider, Consys Group will assess your needs, help you choose the best hardware and software to provide a hassle-free IT experience. We maintain and monitor your systems 24/7 with friendly end-to-end support. With over 20 years in the IT Services business and our team of experts, we can customize your IT solutions to best serve your needs. We'll handle the IT so you can focus on growing your business.


Layered security

reliable backups

friendly support

24/7 monitoring

We protect you with behavioral monitoring, zero-day threat protection, through advanced anti-exploit detection, powerful anti-ransomware defense and hardware unified threat management devices for total coverage.

Monitored and automated daily offsite/onsite backup service designed to protect your data against data liability, fire, theft, water and malware infections such as ransomware.


PIPEDA & HIPPA compliant and we keep your data in Canada.

We know how demanding running a business can be, and understand that you need to be up and running. Our experienced team is always there to help and resolve issues quickly, whether it is remote or onsite.

Our network monitoring and maintenance will save you money by preventing expensive network disasters from ever happening in the first place. Keeping your IT investments working smoothly reducing downtime.

Get proactive, get consys.

working with the best

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your consys group plan for success

discovery & planning

We'll look at your business strategy and processes to determine which proven and emerging technologies will work best to boost productivity and revenue, meet evolving client requirements, and ensure the security of your data.


What is your operating efficiency? What is your capacity for growth? Are your security measures up to standard? We'll evaluate your current IT environment and make recommendations for scaling up without breaking the bank. Are you budgeting enough or too much?


Now that our strategic advisors have worked with you to pinpoint and prioritize your IT needs, the next step is to identify the systems and applications that will best support your business goals and formulate a smooth plan for implementation.


Once we've determined what IT infrastructure, upgrades, and maintenance you need to optimize productivity and business growth, you can trust us to test and roll out your customized IT solutions with minimal disruption. We can also expertly maintain and manage your system — it's a worry-free option that allows you to focus on your business, now and in the future.


"Consys Group is our Managed IT Service company and we are very happy with our Sales Rep and the Support Group. The initiative and problem solving are top notch. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Consys Group for any IT needs!"

Lorna collins

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