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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Good Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans will keep your company up and running through interruptions of any kind: power failures, software crashes, natural disasters, and more. Are you prepared?


Unfortunately, we can’t stop disasters from occurring. With proper planning and preparation, we can prevent the external disaster from becoming an internal one. There are many things that need consideration when this happens as your personnel, data, equipment, and business’ reputation all need to be protected.


Start by identifying each disaster category: Power Failure, Hacking, Data Loss, Personnel breach and identify the loss that would occur in each circumstance. Power outage? Are all your computers set-up with battery back-ups until the power is back up? If you're overwhelmed when identifying these items, contact your Consys Group Account Representative who can guide you through the process.


Identify the key players for each scenario and keep the process documented in multiple locations. This will be your point of reference in case of a disaster. In addition, make a note to review the plan periodically to ensure all equipment, employees and contacts are current in your recovery plan.


Have you considered simulating a disaster to ensure you and your staff know what to do? Enlist our help to assist in this process, we can guide you to best practices and ensure your business can withstand any disaster with our proactive approach and planning.

Documentation to prepare:

For a disaster plan to be truly effective, it needs to be written so that anyone at your business can implement it. Be sure that your plan includes the following:

  • Identify whom to contact, their role and all contact information: phone numbers, emails, etc.

  • List account numbers, location information and answers to the questions that will most likely be asked.

  • Keep this document in a few safe locations and ensure key players know how to access the information

Questions about setting your business up for success? We’re here to help.

Consys Group Inc. 226-973-9208

*Source: scoonline

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