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Is your office ready for the changes brought on by COVID-19?

We have prepared some important information to help you navigate the changing office landscape over the next few weeks.

Work from home and remote work space options: If you are interested in setting up remote work spaces for either yourself or you staff, we're here to help. As millions around the globe are also scrambling to conduct remote working environments, it's essential we move on getting you equipped sooner than later. A number of delays in production on computers and laptops has been seen and big players are buying up safety stock of electronics. To avoid delays in stock, we recommend you get your remote work spaces in order today. Secure remote options include, but are not limited to:

  1. Using your home computer or laptop to take over your office computer as if you were at your desk

  2. Set-up a new laptop or computer at home as if you were at your desk

  3. Set-up a VPN or Box/Dropbox solution to access files from the server

  4. Set-up of remote video/conference communications

  5. We can customize any solution that will meet your remote office requirements.

What are the considerations for remote work spaces?

  • Will you require dual display monitors?

  • Will your current router/internet speed be sufficient?

  • Is your wireless connection stable?

  • Will you require a wired connection?

  • Do you need to print from home/remote work space?

  • Do you need audio/video chat (webcams, headsets and mic’s)?

Questions about your requirements? Email us

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