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Active Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

What is endpoint detection and response?

Endpoint Detection and Response enhances traditional antivirus protection with additional real-time reaction to suspicious activity in addition to monitoring of known threats. The goal of EDR solutions is to allow your company visibility into threats on a detailed timeline and provide real-time alerts in the event of an attack. With the right EDR solution, IT and security teams gain the visibility they require to reveal the type of threats that would otherwise would have gone unseen.

When EDR is properly deployed in your organization, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Unified security management - Having all of your business-critical devices — including mobile devices, fixed endpoints, and server environments —visible through a “single pane of glass” makes managing and securing everything easier.

  • Safeguard against key threat vectors — Especially in the current WFH (work from home) climate, mobile endpoints must be protected against key threat vectors both inside and outside the corporate network’s safe perimeter.

  • Advanced response capabilities and automation — An effective EDR solution provides specialized tools that help you assess and react to security incidents — whether that means detection, prevention, forensics, or threat intelligence. Automation is an essential component of this advanced response capability.

  • Prevention — All the best security technology isn’t completely effective if it can’t offer methods to prevent future attacks. Typically, prevention is triggered by behavioral analysis of your organization’s incoming and outgoing traffic. The EDR technology can mitigate attacks undetectable by reactive solutions like antivirus or anti-malware.

  • Protect your reputation — When you possess highly secure endpoints, you gain the confidence that your organization can be kept out of the headlines and maintain its reputation.

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